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Blogroll Spring Cleaning


I just went through and took a bunch of abandoned blogs off of my blogroll. Thanks for the suggestion, Molly.

Also added a few folks, and made some changes.

Joe's Coffee Blog, by Joe Cappucino, the roaster at Blue Star Cafe in Winooski.

Stan Cynedom, by Emily Stoneking. The title is Emily's last name in Old English. It's a joke. It would probably be a more effective joke if I knew how to make the necessary accents appear in the title, but I don't know how to do that. Sorry, Emily.

Secret Movie Blog: It's not much of a secret, if you ask me. This is the blog for Tuesday's Secret Movie Night at STK Studio on North Street in Burlington.

And Ghost of Midnight was the Front Porch Forum blog. Michael Wood-Lewis just changed the name.

Anybody else I should add while I'm at it?