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Friday Friday Friday


It's been busy here at Seven Days these last couple weeks, hence the dearth of posts. I'm transitioning to this new online editor job, and working on NOW, our email newsletter. Also trying to tinker with Seven Nights, our online restaurant guide. Plus, we launched a video blog, Eva Sollberger's fantastic Stuck in Vermont. And last week, a bunch of us went to a Newspaper Next workshop in Boston.

To top it all off, I'm working in the midst of a construction zone.

The 7D office is expanding, which is great, but we can't shut down for a week while it happens, so there's all this noise. Here's a shot of one of our contractors putting in a new door to the room where the editors sit, what we call "the red room," because it's red. This is happening right in front of my desk today. The next shot shows our new office space, where the writers will sit.

I won't be joining them — I'm headed to this underutilized corner of the red room. 

Don't worry, I haven't abandoned my blog. I actually have some changes planned that I'm hoping will happen shortly after I move into my new space. But it's too soon to share more.