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The Dead Governors are, well, dead.


The Capitol Bureau is now closed — yesterday the anonymous bloggers at Politics VT (all of them named after dead Vermont governors) made their final post.

The guvs announced their departure back in April of last year, and now that all the politicians are installed in their new elective offices, they've made good on their word. In their parting post, they urge Vermonters to start up their own blogs, to hold politicians accountable.

Check out the reaction to their departure in the comments thread of the last post. I think this exchange about sums up their two-year tenure. The authors, like the bloggers, are anonymous, so who knows if it's legit. Make of it what you will.

At     January 10, 2007 ,        Maggie_LLL12 said...

WhenI googled Vermont politics for a research paper, this was the firstthing that I got. I have been coming back ever since and I am trulyhopeful that someone returns to finish the work that you have allstarted. Maybe I will start something up? Who knows.

I am just glad that you all provided this forum for us. Well Done and Thank You.

At     January 10, 2007 ,        Anonymous said...      

Thisis my first, and most likely only blog post....ever. I was involved inVermont politics this cycle and thereby had firsthand knowledge of manyof the topics discussed on this blog.

While working, I made it apoint to check your blog every so often and have come up with 2possibilities for your blog. 1) You make stuff up. 2) You don't checkyour facts.

I know for a fact that much of the information andquotes you have posted were false. Either you guys made it up, or gotthe information from someone who fabricated it, and you didn't botherto verify it's authenticity. Either way, you are not journalists,despite what you might think.

Maggie, I hope to God that youdidn't use this site for your research paper. Only a moron of a teacherwould let someone cite a blog as a resource...unless of course you werewriting a paper about blogs that perpetuate false information.

At     January 10, 2007 ,        Maggie_lll12 said...             

Dear Anonymous,

I did not use this blog as a reference. I actually just used it as a starting point and which campaigns to pursue.

By the way, I got an B+.

So long, guvs!