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Another argument for newspaper journalism


From Malcolm Gladwell (Blink, The Tipping Point), an addendum to his recent New Yorker article about Enron:

We’ve spent a lot of time, post-Enron, criticizing the flaws in theinvestment community’s gatekeeping activities. But I think we shouldalso recognize what the Enron case tells us about the value ofnewspaper journalism. Maybe, in other words, we have underestimated thevalue of impartial, professionally-motivated, under-paid and overworkedgeneralists in tackling the kind of information-rich,analysis-dependent “mysteries” that the modern world throws at us.


Of course, I just cancelled my Free Press subscription. We're finally buying a new car and I just can't afford the luxury of getting the BFP anymore (besides, I can read it at work). Still getting the Sunday NYT, though.