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More bad newspaper circ. numbers


Hey, I saw another report on that circulation study that I thought was worth noting. has this story, A closer look at plunging circulation. Basically it says many newspapers are keeping their numbers from falling even faster by bribing their customers.

In other words fully paid circulation is typically falling even faster than the overall totals reported this week.Apparently, newspaper companies trying to bolster the numbers eitherpushed deeply discounted introductory offers at readers or extendeddiscounts they were already offering many subscribers rather thantrying to convert them to fully paid.

That would square with my experience with my New York Times Sunday subscription. Last time I tried to cancel, they kept me by promising me a continued discount. I think my discount is about to run out, though, so I'm probably going to dump the paper. Just can't afford to pay more than I would at the newsstand to have somebody drop  it off at my house. And if that means that some weeks I don't get the paper, well...