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Got Bingos*?


You'd better if you want to win the 1st annual Green Mountain Challenge SCRABBLE Tournament. It's happening at the Inn at Essex November 10-12. I'm hoping to enter, though I haven't dusted off my tile rack in over a year. My poor flashcards are mouldering in their file drawers. Sigh.

I used to play SCRABBLE all the time, but my life's a little more hectic these days, and I rarely have a chance to play. I can't even remember all the 2 letter words, much less the 3s.

I still remember my U-dump song, though. Those are three and four letter words that use two Us. Sing to the tune from "Gilligan's Island":  "Ulu fugu guru juju kudu kuru luau, lulu mumu sulu tutu ulus unau urus."

Anybody else planning to register for the tournament? Deadline's Nov. 1. And you've gotta be a member of the  National SCRABBLE Association. It's some good, nerdy fun, believe you me.

*To "bingo" in SCRABBLE, you need to use all 7 of the tiles on your rack in one turn. Doing that gives you the points from the word or words that you create, as well as a 50-point bonus. Good tournament players average 2-4 of these turns per game.