Thursday linkdump: the 'more than just politics' edition | 802 Online

Thursday linkdump: the 'more than just politics' edition


This week in the oft-overlooked non-political Vermont blogosphere:

Confessions of a QVC soap fondler, via Deadbeat Club.

Bitchin' fingerless gloves, via Now Norma Knits 2.

Invasion of the hipsters at the OP. Via Gadabout.

Creepy internet sleuthing, via Undead Molly. Molly finds a lost cat, and searches the phone number on its nametag on Google. She found the cat's home online and drove by, but no one was home. She took the cat in, and then...

   So now it's been almost five hours since Maggie trotted into our livesand still no word from her owners.  I decided to be a creepy internetlookyloo and find out more about these people.  It was disturbinglyeasy.  In only ten minutes I was able to find out not just where theylive, but their professions, level of education, and where they went tocollege.  I know that he speaks German as a second language.  I knowher maiden name.  I know all kinds of crap.

Freaky. But she doesn't mention if the cat made it home...

Make a mixtape and send it to Esther, via False 45th.

Andre Agassi Vermont connection, via Weekly Hum.

What Caleb Daniloff saw on September 5. For some reason, I can't link directly to the post, so I'm reprinting it in full below. Click the link for more insights like this one:

Footsteps above my head

On Spear Street in South Burlington, it’s not sneakers or hightops thatdangle from a set of powerlines, but a pair of men's dress shoes. Ipicture a businessman – tie-knot loosened, shirt untucked, barefoot –shedding himself of office desks and meetings and impatient clients.Tossing it all away to chase the dreams of his youth. Further south inPittsford, a pair of white baby shoes dangles from a phone wirestretched across Route 7. I imagine a little arm heaving the smallankleboots toward the sky, chubby feet clad now in sneakers with goodtraction, eager to start chasing the dreams of his future. Both sets ofshoes have been hanging undisturbed for several years. I wonder if thatformer businessman and that child are still on the move, heading forthe same airy place, and whether they'll recognize each other when theyget there.