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MySpace invaders


Got back from camping yesterday afternoon. Spent the weekend deep in the woods, eating junk food and listening to loons.

On Sunday, my friend Jaime and I ventured into Marshfield to pick up some necessities at the Marshfield Village Store. Saw the Sunday Rutland Herald with this story on the cover, about Vermont politicians using the Internet. It starts out with the story of how Washington County State Senate candidate Donny Osman is using MySpace.

For some strange reason, the Herald does not link to Osman's MySpace profile, so here he is, Donny Osman (really his name!).

In somewhat related news, you will surely be delighted to learn that Seven Days is also now on MySpace. Come, be our friends. We are 26 years old, female and identify as a "swinger." Whatever. Somehow we've already got, like, 92 friends. Who are these people?