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The Weekly Post: From Bad Colonies Motoring Cooperative


I couldn't resist reprinting at least one post from the Bad Colonies guys, who are driving from London to Mongolia as part of the 2006 Mongol Rally. I envy them and their troubles, though I really can't complain about sitting safely in my air conditioned office.

From On the Move Again:

Sofar today driving might be described as dangerous or insane dependingupon your point of view. Along the main road from Kiev to Charkov theroad drops to two lanes. There are a lot of slow moving vehicles andthe Ukrainians cannot be bothered. They will pass a any moment andcompletely disregard any oncoming vehicles. As has been our generalrule for Eastern Europe, we have chose the join the fun and not resist.Its quite a frightening experience to just make it into your lane withone of those big ass Euro trucks coming straight for you.

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