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Tarrant puts Baruth's blog post on his website


This is weird on many levels.

If you go to Rich Tarrant's campaign website, and click on the News section, you'll see a list of links to media outlets under the heading "In the News" (note the absence of a link to Seven Days, or the Vermont Guardian, or any of the state's smaller weeklies, many of which have websites).

Underneath that there's another heading — "News Articles." This contains links to stories, reprinted on Tarrant's website, from the Rutland Herlad (yes, it's misspelled), the Burlington Free Press and the AP. It also, inexplicably, links to a blog post by Philip Baruth of Vermont Daily Briefing.

Here's what's weird. Ok,
1) Philip Baruth can't stand Rich Tarrant.
2) Since when is a blog post by a "partisan operative" a news article? I thought Vermont's Republicans rejected that idea.
3) Tarrant's people obviously did not ask for permission to post Baruth's words in their entirety. Isn't that bad form?

Baruth responds here.

My question is, will candidate Tarrant treat all bloggers like journalists?