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New 7D personals sites


Well, we finally did it. This week, we've launched our new online personals. It's a change that's been a long time coming.

There are actually two sites. Two 2 Tango is for I-Spys, relationships, dates, flirts, etc. Hot 2 Trot is for "full-on kink." Whatever that is.

I haven't test-driven the site yet, and I probably won't use it, seeing as how I've already started my little fam. But here are some features users can expect:

• fast and easy photo downloads — you can post up to 5
• online and in-print personals
• the ability to search I Spys by gender, location and date
• creative, quirky Vermont-specific profile questions, like "American Flatbread or Dominos?" "Casket or cremation?" "Savoy or Netflix?" "Starbucks or Capitol Grounds?" And on the Hot 2 Trot site... "Feathers or hot wax?"

You can see the site and post profiles or I Spys for free, but if you want to respond, you'll need to buy a membership. That means ponying up $15 a week, $30 for 30 days or $60 for 90 days. Jess, our Business Development Director, says we'll still be using theold classifieds system for awhile, but it seems like this new onlinething is a lot more fun and functional.

Questions? Feedback? Comment here, or email [email protected].