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Buncha new blogs


More Vermont blogs, for your edification and amusement:

What's the Point?: Political postings from a former Howard Dean backer who calls himself "Vermonter."

The Deadbeat Club: The online extension of Eva Sollberger's  public access tv show of that name. Eva posts her experiments on YouTube, and recently summarized and dissected some of her YouTube hatemail. The post is called YouTube Bug-Eyed Fugly Frigid Man Troll, and an excerpted version is this week's post o' the week in Seven Days.

Vermont Libertarian Party Blog: Exactly what it says it is.

VT NORML: "Working to reform marijuana laws in Vermont."

NU Daily: That's Norwich University Daily. Apparently by "spitfire," a female Norwich student. An interesting window into the mindset of a member of the corps of cadets. From an April 27th post entitled You know you want to:

I have to say, I fantasize about keying the silver subaru parked in the staff lot behind Harmon every time I walk by it on my way to my 1000 class MWF ... You know, the one with the bumper sticker that says,

"Vermonters for a Bush/Cheney Regime Change."

"That deserves a shut the fuck up."

Rantings of a Mad Brewer: Guy in Southern Vermont. Likes to brew beer.

Open Heart Farm: By new farmers in Burlington's Intervale.

Here There Be Dragons: A livejournal blog by Vermont author Laura Williams McCaffrey.