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Monday Deadline Linkdump

I usually spend my Mondays hunched over my computer here at the Seven Days office, and today is no exception. Actually, it's a little bit of an exception, because I just turned in all my work, and it's not even 3 o'clock yet. Yay! Also an exceptional day because my one-month-old son had a rough night, which means I did too. Got just three hours of sleep. Yikes! Here's a picture of the little guy all bundled up as he and his other mom get ready to drive me to work.

Some links to keep you busy while I recover from my severe sleep deprivation:

• Remember last year, when this blogger made it into the White House press conferences? He grew up in VT, fyi. His dad is with the Vermont AP.
• My friend Ita's speech to activists at an International Women's Day peace march and rally. Ita and her partner are also having a baby, hence the name of her blog.
She does cool comics. So why is she on hiatus? Join me in asking her to return.
• Another Vermont journalist blogger.
• Bill from Candleblog is at South By Southwest.
New blog from the Stowe Reporter devoted to "Coverage and Commentary of the Ski Bum Series." If you're into that sort of thing...
• What's old Ernesto Burden up to these days? The former New Media Manager for the Rutland Herald/Times Argus moved to NH a few months back and now look what he's doing. Guess where he got that brilliant idea...

UPDATE: I left out Philip Baruth's lovely little Obama/Sanders exchange from Vermont Daily Briefing:
* Obama,
riffing on all of the reasons to put Berniein the Senate: “He’s not one of these guys who goes up there to ridearound in limousines, or eat fancy steak dinners. Or buy expensivesuits. [Takes a long look back at Bernie] You know that’s nota problem in Bernie’s case. [Chuckles] Where’d you get that suit,Bernie? [Chuckles again, nods his head] Right off the rack.”