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Herald/Times Argus welcomes soldiers home online


This is cool. The Rutland Herald and Times Argus have created a section of their websites devoted to Vermont soldiers returning from overseas. They're posting stories from the paper there, and have set up a special message board, so anyone can post messages to the returning troops.

Here's one from Bonnie Blodgett in Corinth:
It has been a long year and we are so excited about being able to see you real soon. It is truly a blessing this Christmas. Thank you goes out to everyone who supported our family during this time! Merry Christmas Alpha Company!!!

And another from the Lawrence family:
To Tim Copeland and the rest of the Vermont National Guard Troops...we just want to thank you for fighting for our freedom!! We truly appreciate it. You did a great job. I hope this holiday season will be one of your best yet!! Welcome home and Happy Holidays!!

What a great idea. Here's a valuable service that newspapers can provide that people will use. Kudos to the RH/TA for thinking of it. I heard about it from Heather Aja, who I guess has taken Ernesto's place as the online editor. Heather blogs about reality TV at Get Real.