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Real VT: My night with Mary Kay, the healer


New York Ex recounts a recent encounter with a group of healers. Honestly, I would stick this in the paper if I could. It's a nice little snapshot of what really goes on in those meetings you read about on flyers at the co-op.

Here's an excerpt:

...Finally, the Leader and her entourage arrived, including tworambuncious dogs. I was happy to see the dogs; they always bring acomfortable level of realness. The Leader, on the other hand, lookedliked a crisper version of Mary Kay. As I bent down and asked to petthem, the Leader said in an English accent that could cut glass,

"You CAHN'T pet them."
"Oh. Really."
"No, I'm serious. You CAHN'T pet them until I get them under control."

She yanked their leashes and dragged them over to a corner, her enormous diamond glittering with the effort.

Iwon't say that I slunk back to my chair but I was certainly taken abackand immediately thought of Pisces, who yelled at her dog during ourfirst phone conversation. A HUGE red flag.

This reminded me of the Campbell sisters, and their story about the spiritual teacher who lured them to Vermont. Yep, them Green Mountains are full of charlatans!

PS - I probably should have posted over the weekend, but I just couldn't bring myself to pay attention to work. I was actually going to put something up on Friday, from Friday Coffeeblogging, but Bill didn't bring his recording gizmo, so I bagged my blog post.

Happy belated Thanksgiving y'all.