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Jessamyn in the news


I like sharing press clips that feature Vermont bloggers. This one is an AP story from The Columbia Daily Tribune called Activist librarians shake quiet, meek stereotype. It features some snippets about Bethel blogger Jessamyn West:

Jessamyn West, an Americorp volunteer at libraries in Vermont, might bethe quintessential radical librarian working to protect free and openaccess to information.

"Loosely, I believe people would be better off with less governmentalinterference," she proclaims on one of her Web sites, (aka Abada Abada)."I’m against hierarchies, and I believe that humans have aresponsibility to look after each other and take care of one another sothat everyone’s strengths and creativity are utilized and maximized." also a member of the Social Responsibilities RoundTable, which was formed within the American Library Association nearlythree decades ago for those who believe libraries have a duty to beactively involved in the day’s social issues, including feminism,poverty and racism.

For some reason, the AP story doesn't include live links.