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New Column: The Weekly Post


As promised, there's a new column in this week's Seven Days. The Weekly Post, which appears on page 62A, inside the last page of the first section, spotlights a post from one of the Vermont blogs on my blogroll. The first post o' the week is from New York Ex. The post was actually from last Thursday — because of print deadlines, I'm going to have to pick something from the previous week.

If you're wondering, "how do I get my blog into this column," consider this: I'm looking for writing that's fairly brief (about 200 words or so, less if there's an image). It should be creative, maybe about Vermont, able to stand alone in a newspaper and be interesting to the casual reader, and it should make people want to read blogs. I will contact the blog author to check in about using the post — I'm not sure if I'm legally bound to do that, but that's going to be my policy. I will also protect anonymity in the paper — if you're an anonymous blogger, I'm happy to keep it that way. Alas, there's no payment. And we're not archiving these on the website. It's basically a free ad for your blog, and free content for us.

If you want to suggest a post for consideration (feel free, but only if you're on my blogroll), send ideas to me at Please don't send more than one per week. I think I'm picking them on Monday, so send 'em before then. And send any suggestions you have about how we can do blogging better. I don't know of any other columns like this in print papers, though probably someone somewhere else is doing it. If you know of any examples, list them in the comments thread below. Also, please note that the picture of me in the header was not my idea.