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Game Addiction


I'm working on a story about video gaming, and I came across this AP story this morning on the Drudge Report. It talks about video game addiction in South Korea, the world's most connected country — 70% of South Koreans have broadband access.

Says the AP: The habit has even been deadly: In August, a28-year-old man died after nearly 50 straight hours of playing onlinecomputer games. The man, whom police refused to identify by name, wasmoved to a hospital after he collapsed while gaming and died threehours later.

And that's actually the 2nd guy who's died from video gaming in S. Korea. And check this out:

Computer games can also be a path to bigrewards. Three cable channels are devoted to broadcasting game matchesand a total of 4.5 billion won ($4.4 million) is given out as prizemoney in competitions each year.

Even the government is embracing electronic sports, or "E-sports,"funding construction of the world's first e-sports stadium, to becompleted by 2008, where online competitions will be displayed on hugescreens.

Yeah, Algebars is nice, but it's no e-sports stadium.