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JSC newspaper article about Alt. Media Day


The Johnson State College student newspaper, Basement Medicine, printed an article this week about Friday's Alternative Media Day. I'll be on both of the event's media panels — one in the morning, one in the afternoon. The morning one talks about blogging, the afternoon one about the state of the alternative media (print, tv, radio, online) in Vermont.

Though there are plenty of other panelists, the JSC article prints only a picture of me. Why?  Not sure. They probably lifted off a Google image search. Here are two pictures I found online of two of my other blogger panelists, Bill Simmon of Candleblog, and Jessamyn West, of librarian.net.  The photo of Bill is courtesy of NTodd's excellent Friday Coffeeblogging photo gallery. The photo of Jessamyn I snagged from this boston.com special item on the 2004 DNC bloggers.

Sadly, the JSC article mistakenly lists Bill as the publisher of a blog about candles, and doesn't cite Jessamyn's librarian blog. Darn journalism students. Will they ever learn? It's a search engine. Called Google. Check it out.

UPDATE: Basement Medicine Editor Elizabeth Bingham responded in the comment thread...