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Real VT: freaking out in Barre


Kristen Battles-Burden of Milkweed Hill discovers a new phobia — she's afraid of yellow jackets.

I didn't know this untilI found a dozen of them flying around my kitchen this weekend and,after several minutes of smushing each and every one, found myselfnearly fetal on the floor of the hallway, hyperventilating, with Davidon the other side of the baby gate asking if I was okay.

"What's wrong mommy? Did those yellow jackets sting you?"

Me sobbing: "No, David. Mommy's is just really, really scared of them. I'm just feeling very sad right now."

Wow, that's some calm, cool and collected parenting. Way to voice your feelings! Kristen's feeling better now. To find out how they're getting rid of the pests, read on.