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Real VT: Happiness is a clean gun


I really enjoy debunking the myth that Vermonters are all hippie peaceniks. Here's Jeff Soyer, the Gay Gun Nut of Fairlee, talking about what he did during his leisurely Saturday afternoon. His post, Fondling My Gun, isn't nearly as pornographic as you might expect, though some folks may still find it offensive.

When I used to collect guitars, I would sometimes lay them all outand polish them, remove any fingerprint, tune them over and over, feeland
smell the wood and laquer.  I would just revel in them, that I owned them and loved them.I'm like that with my guns...Sometimes, I treat them better than my cats. I spread them all out before me, clean them all even if they don't need it...I hold my P-45 and think, "you will protect me from EVERYTHING". I hugmy Marlin .22 bolt and think, "I had you when I was 14-years-old"...

Lest anyone think this post is about more than just, er, weaponry, Jeff reminds us of his true purpose:

Firearms and the Second Amendment are all we have standing betweenus and a totalitarianism, fascist government dreamed-up by the leftist,liberal members of our once frontier, bold nation.

Have you fondled your guns today?

Well, have you?