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Zephyr for Congress?

Peter Freyne noted in today's Seven Days  that Vermont's own Zephyr Teachout  — of Howard Dean's internet team fame — is considering a bid for the Congressional seat Bernie will vacate when he runs for Senate. MrLiberal, frequent contributor to Daily Kos, makes mention of Freyne's column in this Kos diary.

Note that most of the Kos community comments about her candidacy are negative — there was this whole dustup a few months back where Zephyr said the Dean campaign paid bloggers like Markos (aka Kos) and Jerome (of MyDD). The rest of the world has probably forgotten about this by now, but die-hard partisans remember. Oh, they remember. Not that the blogger he-said-she-said will have much impact on a race in Vermont.

By the way, Zephyr recently discontinued Zonkette, her old blog, which is why I dropped it from the blogroll. I assume that decision had something to do with her potential campaign.