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Money Talks


Apropos of Cathy's article last week about online gambling, this site invites you to "put your money where your mouth is!" on political and current events. There aren't regional sections, but that doesn't stop forum questions on statewide elections — the race for Virginia's governorship figures in a few wagers. No bets on Vermont politics are up right now (anyone care to guess which Rebublican will end up going head-to-head with Bernie for senate?), but  there is this item re:  whether or not Vermont's Supreme Court will rule that Howard Dean's gubernatorial records can be unsealed. (The case was heard back in March, but there hasn't been a decision yet, as far as I can tell.)

In general, this seems interesting, if only from a sociological perspective, because it forms a national index of hot-button items that people are willing to stake something on. Sort of like the ultimate in water cooler eavesdropping, though I guess direct opinion polls would be more accurate.