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A little horn-tooting

Seven Days picked up a few awards last weekend at the Association of Alternative Newsweeklies Annual Convention in San Diego. They split the awards into two categories — papers with circulations above and below 50,000. We competed in the under 50,000 field.

Our 2004 7 Nights nightlife guide won an honorable mention for best special section. Margot Harrison, our pithy lit critic, won 3rd place in the Arts Criticism category. And Don Eggert, our Art Director and web guy, picked up a 1st place award for editorial layout on my story "The Blogger" from last October.

Dan Savage, editor of Seattle's The Stranger, presented the awards. Says Don of Dan: "He told me I was pretty, and he said he didn't think the alternative papers employed any pretty people any more." It's true, Don is pretty.