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Want broadband! Want broadband!

Stumbled across a post a few minutes ago from Mark Dincecco, a network engineer who often telecommutes from his home in rural VT. He writes about his frustrations with his sad little dial-up connection on From the Woods:

It's so slow, I often consider shoving freshly-sharpened pencils up my nose and into my brain while waiting, just to put myself out of my horrible and endless misery over this issue.

Dincecco says half of his town has DSL, but not his half. ...there was no broadband either until about two years ago, when a vice president for Verizon moved into town. Within a week, or thereabouts, DSL was all over that part of town, and the rest of us were fed the line, "Well, you can always move". Screw that.

Now, he says, he's had it. I'm going to begin discomforting the old crocks that run this town. The locals want this service and the only impediment is (as usual) the politicians (however rural in nature) who won't do shit until they see a benefit in it for them. At this point, I think picketing in front of their homes each morning beginning at 4 a.m. with a sign that says, "Honk for Broadband", might be a good first step.

Not sure where he lives, exactly, but many rural Vermonters feel his pain. Share your stories, please.