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Real VT: Golden Townies

Rachel Severance, author of The Bulldozer Monologues, writes a racy, opinionated, occasionally self-aggrandizing blog that I'm going to start reading more often. It's the kind of frank writing you might expect to find in a bigger city, where no one could possibly trace its author. Rachel doesn't seem to care about cultivating anonymity. She blogs freely about just about everything, including her recent job at a local soap factory.

Here's an excerpt from Golden Townies, a May 14 post that explores much of what I love about urban living in VT. She's talking about the power of association, the way that everybody in Burlington is connected by, like, 2 degrees of separation:

It can show you the Mobil guy, who will in turn only charge you fifty cents for dollar scratch tickets and sell you condoms for the price of the coffee you got for free. It can show you the inside of Muddy Waters, where the hippies behind the counter will always remember that you like your coffee with skim milk, and will only charge you ninety five cents when all you've got is a buck, so you can leave a nickel in their tip jar. It can show you the inner workings of the only good bands, who in turn will give you standing seats on the side of the stage while they play their massive New Years Eve sets in front of hundreds of people...It can show you the rooftop over the Italian restaurant that looks far over the marketplace, the city, and into the neighboring towns as well....

Her conclusion? "We are the greatest fucking townies of our generation."