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VT Candidate Bloggers?

Well, there aren't any yet. But don't be surprised if Vermont candidates (other than our pioneering former guv) set up blogs of their own in the next election cycle. The lefty blogosphere has already started debating who will succeed Jim Jeffords, and who will take Bernie's place in House after he runs for the seat.

In this thread over at Daily Kos, a Vermonter using the alias "Mithrandir" says he's supporting state senator Matt Dunne (for Senate? House?). "I'd appreciate any advice you might have for Matt to best utilize the blogosphere," writes Mith. "I know Matt is anticpating using all tools at his disposal, including the web, so his campaign supporters [including myself] would appreciate hearing back from you all any suggestions for consideration. I'd like to share more information on Matt but in a way that is best appreciated by this community, as well as other blogs."

VT candidates are smart to court bloggers like Kos. He and his minions distributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to candidates in '04. How long will it take VT politicians to catch on?